Does Your Manager Make You Sick?

I always say that leaders affect their people more than they know, and now new research shows that the employee-manager relationship is one of the most important in our lives.

We know the importance of relationships on our health and well being. When the key relationships in our lives are running smoothly, we are more productive and less likely to suffer from immune system breakdowns. In short, we perform better and stay healthier. But which relationships have the most impact?

In a recent study, it was revealed that the most influential relationship to our health and well-being is that with our spouse. No surprise there.

But interestingly, barely a couple of points behind, was the influence of our relationship with our immediate manager.

Despite most people's reluctance to rank the employee-manager relationship as highly significant, those who have a poor relationship with their immediate manager show decreased levels of performance and present with more instances of illness. Alternatively, those with healthy employee-manager relationships thrive in both performance and health.

Yet more evidence that our ability to build quality relationships with our people predicts their performance and productivity.
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