Building Your MIT's. The Progress Journal

What are MIT's?

MIT’s are your Most Important Things. Understanding your MIT’s and working toward them every day is the number one key to being most productive and making progress towards the things that matter. If you don’t know what’s most important, then chances are that you get pulled in different directions, putting out a lot of fires, but never stoking the flame that drives you.

In this video, we take a look at what MIT’s really are, and how to structure them correctly. 

There are no right or wrong MIT’s, but there are certainly right and wrong ways to structure them for maximum benefit.

Build great goals and track them with the Progress Journal


Should my MIT's be different every month?

Probably not. Your MIT's should be about 6-12 months in length. This gives us time to stay focussed and also to build our Key Behaviours into habits (see below). If you change focus too regularly, you don't get any momentum.

Why are there only two MIT's per Critical Area?

Because when we focus on too many things, it stops us from making real progress. The Progress Journal forces you to make decisions about what is truly important.

Everything is on track, do I need MIT's?

Everything is on track... that's great! We don't usually like MIT's that just say 'maintain' anything, but if this is honestly where you're at, then go for it!

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