Thriving Through Change

Change is happening faster than we like. Disruption, distraction, restructure and re-engineering are becoming constant. People are finding it hard to stay focussed on the things that really count, and managers are finding it hard to keep their people performing at their best.

Tony shows us the science behind how change affects our performance and the behaviours that we choose. He helps staff embrace change and focus on their high performance behaviours, and he shows managers how to keep their people engaged during these periods. Most of all, Tony challenges the audience to embrace change and take responsibility for making it work.

  • How change affects us mentally and emotionally
  • How we are hardwired to resist change and what to do about it
  • Embracing change and changing your perception
  • Getting out of the comfort cycle and challenging your mindset


Leading In the Face Of Change

Managing people through change can be difficult. And keeping people performing at their best is almost impossible when things are changing all around them. In this talk, Tony shows us why constant change affects people’s behaviours and attitudes so profoundly, and how it sabotages their ability to perform at their best.

More importantly, he shows leaders how to make the most of the situation, so that their people don’t only survive the change, but actually use it as a tool to take control and perform even better. Leaders will take away three key things that they can do to make sure that their staff stay on track, engaged, focussed and productive during these challenging times. Tony’s clients often do a complete 180 as they begin to embrace change and learn how to run with it.

  • Why people find it hard to perform during uncertainty
  • Strategies for helping people gain a feeling of control
  • Creating consistency in times of uncertainty
  • Managing change-resistors
  • Inspiring people to embrace change