Team Offsite

If you’re spending the time and resources to get your team together at an offsite, why not go the extra mile and have an experienced facilitator and speaker to guarantee you get the outcomes you want. Whether it’s a short workshop of leadership and performance, or a day long strategy and culture session, Tony can help unlock your team’s best performance.


Great Teams Behave Like Great Teams

Unlocking your team’s potential is not about chemistry. It’s about understanding what great teams do and then creating the environment for all team members to lean into those high-performance behaviours. Whether you want to build a more robust culture, or you want to have the ability to execute on strategy under pressure, Tony will help your team perform at its peak.

Clarity is all that matters.

Without Clarity about what is truly most important, our teams default to doing what is comfortable – and this applies to strategy execution and culture. Tony helps teams create high performance by creating clarity, buy-in, commitment and ownership about what is most important for the team and most inspirational for individuals.  


Turn Your Workshop Into Lasting Change

Use our pre-workshop diagnostics to get an honest assessment of your current performance state, and take home our books and tools to help people thrive.

Workshop Pre-Work

Have your participants take one of our diagnostics to get a representation of their current performance:

  • Peak Performance Diagnostic
  • Leadership Diagnostic
  • Team Health Check

Post-Workshop Momentum:

Once you’ve learned some new skills, take home some resources to keep building momentum:

  • Focus Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Tony’s book: Unbusy – how to reclaim your time and do more of what really matters
  • Tony’s book: Jack and the Team that Couldn’t See – the ultimate guide to inspiring and engaging teams


Below are our standard workshop fees to book Tony Wilson. Final quotes will depend on degree of preparation needed for the session.

Short Workshop (<2hrs)


Half Day Workshop (2-4hrs)


Full Day Workshop (>4hrs)


Strategy Ownership

Helping your team understand, create and buy-in to strategy means more focussed activity. Tony facilitates these sessions in a way that helps people feel a sense of belonging and building true common goals.

  • Current state analysis
  • Creating future vision and goals
  • Overcoming execution road blocks
  • Identifying opportunities and risks
  • Market, product and competitive analysis

Culture Ownership

Most teams have little clarity about their culture. In these sessions we answer the questions “who are we now, and who do we want to be?” to set the tone and direction for our culture. We make this actionable by identifying our high performance team behaviours that support our culture.


  • Creating an aspirational culture that inspires all team members
  • Uncovering behaviours that reinforce and undermine your culture
  • Linking to recruitment, recognition and performance
  • Assessing your current culture and perceptions
  • Cover aspects of performance culture and engagement culture
  • Create ownership of your ideal team culture for performance

Communication and Unlocking Team Potential

Open and honest communication, constructive conflict, trust and collaboration. These are the foundations of high performing teams. We work in teams because 1+1=3 when we do it right. Sadly, most teams will not even get close to this equation. Tony helps you get more from your team performance.

  • Understanding how great teams communicate
  • Why we avoid difficult conversations and how to fix it
  • Clear rules for team engagement
  • Creating an environment where people feel heard and validated
  • Understanding your team’s motivators and how to use them for empathy and connection
  • Strategies for team productivity and collaboration
  • Solving team issues in real time with robust conversations

Cohesive Leadership (for Leadership Teams)

If you’re a leadership team, the best thing you can do is be on the same page. Managing organisations is about consistency and clear, cohesive direction – this creates high levels of clarity and focusses team behaviours and activity to get outstanding results.

  • Creating clarity – strategy, execution and culture
  • Defining leadership team brand and high-performance behaviours
  • Getting on the same page
  • Cohesive leadership indicators and standards
  • Leadership team communication and motivating our teams toward a common goal
  • The responsibility to create clarity and common goals
  • Team number one – putting the leadership team first

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