Choice Theory by Dr William Glasser.

Choice Theory is an amazing book that delves into the basic drivers of our behaviours and relationships. It tells us some really interesting things [...]

Self Control: How to Build It and Keep It

Is this the most important ‘muscle’ we have? If Walter Mischel’s famous marshmallow experiments show us one thing it’s the number one factor [...]

How Athlete Mentality Can Help You Thrive in the Workplace

When I worked with sporting teams we had a saying about players that had an exceptional work ethic. We called it 'Athlete Mentality'. In the circle [...]

Are you McDonalds or Shang Zen Wu?

There are two elements of your leadership that really matter: A Who you say you are and B Who you actually are Like it or not you have a leadership [...]

BOOK SUMMARY: How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald

Imagine this: A runner or cyclist performs a fitness test. They push to their absolute limits until they almost throw up. How can they improve this [...]

Skipping the Gym or Ordering Take Out? Your Afternoon Decisions Usually Aren’t the Best

You skip that gym session or decide on take out instead of cooking. Is this a conscious decision or is it more biased than that? The more we [...]

Should I Thank People for “Just Doing Their Job?”

“I know I need to say ‘thank you’ and ‘good job ’ but really…… at some point aren’t I just rewarding mediocrity if people are just [...]

I’m Most Productive In The Morning!” … Yeah, Right.

It’s a common proclamation in my keynotes and workshops: “I’m most productive in the morning!” My follow up question usually takes people [...]

One Simple Step to Work Life Balance.

"This year it’s going to be different! I’m not going to be a slave to my desk. I’m going to focus on me a little more.” These words are [...]

Lean Into Stress, instead of Avoiding It.

You actually just have to know your strategy ahead of time to beat stress.

What if ‘Hours Worked’ Didn’t Matter?

What really matters to managers is performance and productivity.

80% Syndrome – Our Performance

Here are pointers that surprisingly kill our ability to work at full intensity, making us less productive not more....