Making Urgency Your Friend

Everyone has those moments where they feel like time is flying and they are ‘in the zone’ - Those periods when you just focus intensely for a [...]

Your Mission Statement: DOA

Why your mission statement is most likely dead on arrival. We recently read a great article by Dan Palotta written on the HBR website. It was titled [...]

Controlling the Controllables. How To Do It and Why It Works

It’s a familiar performance catch-cry: ‘Just worry about the things you can control. Control the controllables’. But why is it so effective? [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Goals

Goals. Who needs them? Without direction we are destined to meander here and there not knowing where we might end up. Or perhaps even worse we [...]

Small Things That Make A Great Day

Sometimes the difference between your best day and a mediocre day lies in the small things you can do to boost your performance. In sport we call it [...]

Building Habits That Impact Your Day

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit” - Aristotle

Work Life Balance. It’s Not Working.

WORK LIFE PERFORMANCE BECAUSE WORK LIFE BALANCE ISN’T WORKING Work Life Balance. It’s Not Working. Every year people make the bold assertion [...]

The Limits of Our Focus. And What to Do About It.

How long can you really focus your attention? When we’re in the zone how long before we’repulled out? There are a couple of answers to [...]

Focus Planner Sneak Peak

Focus Planner is the progress journal 2.0 - we've taken it to a new level

Helping Your Staff Cope With Stress

How can you help your team survive the stress roller-coaster?

Upgrade Your Daily Planning

A bunch of things stop us from being at our best. The biggest thing is that our hardwiring tricks us into believing that urgent things are a [...]

Life is NOT a Sprint (but it's not a Marathon)

Life is neither a sprint, nor a marathon... so what is it?