Got a conference coming up and want to make a huge impact?

Tony can not only make an immediate impact on your audience, he can also set you up with diagnostic tools to talk directly to your performance strengths and weaknesses as well as leave you with physical tools to take home and create momentum.


Performance Lab founder, Tony Wilson is a motivational speaker who delivers keynotes aimed at challenging the way we currently think about Leadership and Performance in the 21st Century. Tony's focus on the science of high performance provides a fascinating look at what makes us, and our people, do their best work.

Originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA, Tony Wilson combines his degrees in performance science (BSc) and contemporary management theory (MBA) to put a unique slant on high performance in and out of the office.

An inspirational speaker with a focus on the science of high performance, Tony Wilson helps team performance by working with leaders around the world to create the environment for their people to thrive, and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity. Tony is highly sought after for keynote presentations, workshops and programs. He is changing the way people work and lead.

Don’t just book a speaker. Make a lasting impact with our pre-conference diagnostics tools and then take home actionable ways to implement what you learned.

Conference Pre-Work

Have your participants take one of our diagnostics to get a representation of their current performance:

  • Peak Performance Diagnostic
  • Leadership Diagnostic
  • Team Health Check

Post-Conference Momentum:

Once you’ve learned some new skills, take home some resources to keep building momentum:

  • Focus Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Tony’s book: Unbusy – how to reclaim your time and do more of what really matters
  • Tony’s book: Jack and the Team that Couldn’t See – the ultimate guide to inspiring and engaging teams


Below are our standard keynote fees to book Tony Wilson. Final quotes will depend on degree of preparation needed for the session and conference format.

Keynote (60-90min)


These are Tony's most popular keynote presentations
Contact us if you are looking for something different, Tony is happy to tailor a keynote presentation to suit your needs.

Next Level


In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. We need to consistently do our best thinking and perform at our best mentally.


& Balance

Facing Adversity, work life balance, wellness. These things are more than just fads, they are skills we use every single day. 

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Next Level


To help teams do their best work, we need to create an environment of clarity and ownership, engagement and passion.

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Conference Idea:

Prior to your conference, take our Leadership Diagnostic or our Team Health Check to understand your current performance state.

Finish your conference by giving your participants a copy of Tony's book: "Jack and the Team that Couldn't see"

Creating the Environment for People to Perform

Leadership is about empowering people to do their best work every day without burning out. You have more influence over this than you think and the way you create the environment for high performance is critical to unlocking your team members’ potential.

  • The science of high performance
  • Helping others get into the Performance Zone
  • Understanding and influencing behaviours
  • The Four Keys to unlocking people’s potential
  • Engagement is not enough
  • Leaders’ impact on high performance


Building Teams that Thrive

Building great teams is a skill in itself, and truly great teamwork is elusive for the vast majority of teams. Take a look at the building blocks of great team culture and improve your team high performance dramatically.

  • Clarity – the number one factor in high performing teams
  • Increasing team productivity and creating 1+1=3 teams
  • Chemistry is overrated – team high performance behaviours are key
  • Unlocking the communication advantage
  • The keys to motivating teams and individuals
  • Fully engaged teams and team performance culture


Conference Idea:

Prior to your conference, take our Peak Performance diagnostic to understand your current level of Mental, Physical and Emotional performance

Finish your conference by giving your participants a copy of Tony's book: "Unbusy" or one of our popular "Focus Planners"

Performing at your Peak, without Burning Out

Tony’s mission is simple: Help people show up every day and do their best work, without burning out. This session teaches the audience to stay in the performance zone in work and life and focus on the things that matter. Learn tips from the world’s best performers about performing at your best when it counts and developing the mindset to keep rising to challenges.

  • How to become ‘Unbusy’
  • The science of high performance and entering the Performance Zone
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Performance and how to master them every day
  • Beating burnout
  • Personal Accountability – the key to high performance
  • Recharge to create sustainable performance
  • The art of focussing on what matters and shutting out distractions


Optimising Your Day

What does a great day look like? Have you ever wondered how to structure your day for maximum performance? This session shows us that performing at our peak is not always about self-discipline and motivation, sometimes how we set ourselves up for success is the biggest determinant of how effective we are. From how you sleep to daily reflection, this is how you optimise your day.


  • Structuring your day for maximum performance
  • Managing overwhelm and feeling in control
  • Making hybrid work, work – managing your productivity between working environments
  • Beating procrastination and leaving your comfort zone
  •  How to get into the performance zone more often and stay there for longer
  • Doing the Harder Thing to get maximum return on your time

Managing Motivation and Energy

We often believe that staying motivated is a matter of personality – some people just ‘have it’ – they stay driven and focussed – and other people don’t. But what if managing motivation was a formula that we could all tap into so that we could stay on task? Regardless of what the endeavour, everyone struggles with motivation some time. This session shows how some of the world’s greatest performers stay motivated day after day and how we manage our physical, mental and emotional energy.


  • The keys to motivation and simple tools for staying in the zone
  • Winning mindset and challenging ourselves every day
  • Managing physical, mental and emotional energy to stay on top of your game
  • Recharge and Sleep strategies for sustainable performance
  • How great performers focus on process over outcome
  • Emotional control and staying on target
  • Performing Under Pressure and Managing Stress

Resilience, Balance, Wellness

We are learning more and more that how we manage our life contributes to performance in everything we do. Tony looks at the topics of resilience, balance and wellness from a performance point of view: how do we manage these aspects so that we can show up every day as the best versions of ourselves?

  • Strategies for managing adversity
  • Lessons from high performers on getting back up again
  • Building Grit, mental strength, and resilience
  • Understanding your triggers
  • Managing nerves, anxiety, and the Choking Zone
  • How to manage self-talk and negative thinking
  • Work Life Balance is dead – how do we resurrect it?
  • Creating Balance for your best performance
  • Sleeping to perform and the overwhelming benefits of rest


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