Dealing with Disruption

Change is happening faster than we like. Disruption, distraction, restructure and re-engineering are becoming constant. People are finding it hard to stay focussed on the things that really count, and managers are finding it hard to keep their people performing at their best.

Tony shows us the science behind how change affects our performance and the behaviours that we choose. He helps staff embrace change and focus on their high-performance behaviours, and he shows managers how to keep their people engaged during these periods. Most of all, Tony challenges the audience to embrace change and take responsibility for making it work.

  • Understanding how change affects our brains
  • The Behaviour Model, The Victim Cycle and the Change Cycle
  • Why we act irrationally sometimes during change
  • How to take control of your situation
  • Winners internalise, losers externalise - the basis of human performance
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