Hacking the System

What are the limits of human performance? We keep pushing the boundaries of so many things, what if we knew how to push the boundaries of our own mindset, productivity and motivation? Technology and research is showing us all sorts of conditions and tools to help us think better, do more, change our behaviours and alter our mindset. Performance science is showing us how to recreate those moments when we are in our peak performance state, so that we can operate at that level more often.

In this talk, Tony Wilson takes some of these concepts to the extreme, hacking our physiology to improve our brain function, flow state, attention and self-control and showing us what Silicone Valley geniuses, Navy Seals and Elite Athletes are doing to get that extra five percent. He then peels back the layers to show us how we can apply this in a more simple way every single day at work and in life.

  • Strategies for staying focussed and on-task
  • Boosting brain power
  • Hacking your body clock
  • Faster learning and better problem solving
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