Thriving Under Pressure

In today’s workplace, there is more time pressure than ever, and greater expectations on us to perform at our best; underperformance, burnout, presenteeism and stress-related illness are sadly becoming a familiar part of our language.

We all know that stress affects our health, but in this keynote, Tony shows us how it kills our performance as well, stopping us from doing our best thinking, robbing us of energy and making it harder to control our emotions and behaviour.

Take a journey around the body and brain and see what performance science can tell us about stress. Learn quick and simple re-charge techniques, strategies for emotional control and how effective sleeping and eating can help alleviate this potentially debilitating problem.

  • Understanding the good aspects of stress as well as the bad
  • Strategies for performance under high pressure situations
  • Strategies for preventing chronic stress so you can perform at your best more often and for longer
  • Understanding how even small amounts of stress over the long term affects performance
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