Keynote and Workshops

Next Level Leadership: Culture, Performance, Engagement

How do we lead our people to perform at their best in the 21st Century? Most leadership lessons are observational, but in this keynote Tony focuses on the science behind why our people do and don’t perform at their peak and how leaders unknowingly affect this equation.

Performance Science shows us that there are four universal human factors that drive performance, behaviour and emotional conflict. When we use these Performance Triggers, the chemicals that keep us focussed and motivated increase, and activity shifts to the most effective brain regions. This helps keep people focussed, proactive and able to choose the most effective behaviours.

The audience will take away four key things that undeniably boost performance in today’s workplace and will better understand what drives behaviour and ultimately the performance of their people.

  • An understanding of what triggers high performance
  • A clear realisation of how leaders impact people’s ability to perform at their best
  • How to use the concepts of Autonomy, Belonging, Consistency and Status to influence performance
  • The high performance environment


Building Teams that Thrive

To help people and teams do their best work, managers need to create an environment of clarity and ownership and keep people engaged and passionate about their work.  

In this talk, Tony shows how our current thinking is completely at odds with what the science tells us. He shows us the secret to building teams that really care about themselves, others and their performance. 

Using performance science, he explain how we create the environment for people to thrive, and to build ownership, clarity and constant improvement.

  • Build  the skills for leaders to keep their people motivated and focussed 
  • Increase team productivity
  • Strategies for creating high levels of engagement and team performance