Winning Mindset

To succeed in a tough environment, we can't just continue to do the same things that worked last year. We need to constantly challenge ourselves to operate at full intensity - to be the best versions of ourselves - if we want to thrive in this challenging environment. We need to change what we do, but maybe more importantly, we need to change the way we think. 

In this presentation, Tony will show you some of the tools that high performers use to keep that winning mindset, and constantly push the boundaries of high performance - in and out of the workplace. 

  • Thriving under pressure – Good stress, urgency and goals as a means for performance
  • Personal accountability as the key to performance
  • Winning every moment of every day
  • Defining high performance
  • Challenging ourselves to find the next level


Next Level Performance

In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. We need to consistently do our best thinking and perform at our best mentally. We can't keep doing the same things we did last year and expect to be more successful. But how do we continually operate at full intensity without burning out? 
This session shows how we are actually wired NOT to do our best work in today's environment and how our current way of working is at odds with what the science tells us would be most effective. 

Through some entertaining thought experiments and fascinating presentation of performance science, participants will leave with strategies to get into the Performance Zone more often and stay there for longer - helping them do their best thinking and perform at their full potential every hour of every day

  • Understanding the performance zones
  • How we are hardwired NOT to perform at our best in today’s workplace and what we need to do about it
  • Strategies for beating procrastination and other unproductive, low-motivation behaviours
  • Strategies for managing emotions and stress so we can perform at our best more often and for longer