Make Every Day Count

Our 21st Century lives are crazy-busy. But the more we talked to people, the more we discovered that we don’t always feel like we’re making progress towards the things that really matter. Our key question for ourselves and for those we work with is simply:

Are you better off on Friday
than you were on Monday?

Sadly, most people consistently answer no. We want to help people live fulfilling lives, instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day. The Progress Journal makes this happen.







Here are just some of the ways that the Progress Journal helps you have your best day, every day

Do Important

Not Urgent

The Progress Journal will challenge you to focus on the things that really matter. When you’re clear about what’s most important, you’ll spend less time on the small things and more time on the big things. 

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Build Habits

Change Habits

To make true progress, we have to change. Your Progress Journal has a built in habit tracker. Start building habits that make a difference.

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Focus On


You've tried a hundred times to achieve work life balance - now it's time to do it right. The Progress Journal balances a) Work, b) Home and Relationships and c) Self, with constant reminders of your life and goals outside of work.

Why are the Critical Areas so critical? Take a look here to find out

Plan For

Your Success

How close you get to your goals is dependent upon what you do right now. The Progress Journal has monthly, weekly and daily plans with prompts to keep you focussed on your goals in all areas of your life.



The simple act of gratitude has been shown to improve mental and emotional health. Every day there is an opportunity to for you to write down something you are grateful for.

Stop And

Slow Down

In moments of quiet we get our best ideas. The Progress Journal encourages you to take some moments where you Recharge throughout the day. Stop, recharge, disconnect, slow down. Then get back to your full potential.

Recharge is critical to our performance - click here to understand more.


Our Peformance Lab motto: 'Focus Is The Cure For Busy' 

When we're focussed, we pay attention to what's important, and we stop being distracted by things that, well.... distract us.

The Focus Planner is chunked into three critical areas of planning:

  • Planning Your Month so you're heading toward your goals
  • Planning Your Week so that you know what's necessary and important, and
  • Planning Your Day so that you have actionable things to take you closer to your goals. 

Putting the Science Into Performance

At Performance Lab, we connect the science of high performance to what we do every day – and this Progress Journal is no different. We’ve put years into researching how we perform at our best day-in, day-out, without burning out. Apply the key principles of: Do Less, Not More, Focus Instead of Multitasking, Recover Energy to Spend Energy.

You can see some of the research, tips and more resources.



The Progress Journal.
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