Key Behaviours. The Focus Planner.

Your Key Behaviours - Building New Habits

Quite simply, Key Behaviours are the habits you have to build to make sure you can deliver on your MIT’s. We call these Key Behaviours because they need to be non-negotiable and make a big impact on making progress towards those things that matter. Even when things are spinning out of control, you can get anchored with your Key Behaviours and keep everything moving forward.

Watch this short video explaining how to build your Key Behaviours, then use the Progress Journal to map these behaviours and keep yourself accountable.

Setting great Key Behaviours that you can track with the Progress Journal.

Key Behaviours FAQ's

Can I really have only one Key Behaviour for each MIT?

The reason we do this is so you can consistently execute - even when things are going crazy. Think about it like this: if there was only one thing you could do each week to make a big impact, what would it be?

Do my Key Behaviours have to be weekly? What about monthly?

This is a good question. The main aim here is to create good habits. If we do something monthly, it won't become a habit. We prefer things to be three times a week or more - that way we build habits quickly (but at the minimum, once a week).

I can't think of a good Key Behaviour to work toward my MIT. What do I do?

There will be a Key Behaviour, you just have to look for it. What do you do when you're successful? Maybe there's someone else you can ask. 

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