Using Your Habit Tracker

A lot of people don’t use the Habit Tracker feature in the Weekly layout. This is a mistake. If you want to change anything… then this is a [...]

Building Your Planner Habit

Are you finding it hard to get into the habit of using your Focus Planner? Then read on to discover some hacks that you can use to get the most out [...]

Upgrade Your Daily Planning

A bunch of things stop us from being at our best. The biggest thing is that our hardwiring tricks us into believing that urgent things are a [...]

Small Things That Make A Great Day

Sometimes the difference between your best day and a mediocre day lies in the small things you can do to boost your performance. In sport we call it [...]

Building Habits That Impact Your Day

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” - Aristotle Habits are the foundation of our everyday existence. [...]

30 Small Things That Help Balance Your Life

There are small things we can do every day to contribute to our areas of life outside of work. They don’t have to be huge things that need a plan [...]

30 Every Day Things To Stay Balanced

Stuck for things to do to positively impact your balance areas? Look no further. Read this list and we guarantee you’ll get an avalanche of ideas. [...]

10 Ways to Recharge

One of the most important parts of our day is taking time to recharge. And there’s a specific line for it in your Focus Planner. The reality is that [...]

Here's How You Get Started with the Focus Planner

BACK [...]

Merging Your System with the Focus Planner

We don’t want you to drop what you’re doing. We want you to incorporate what you do now, with what we can show you about living your optimal day with the Focus Planner.

Be more productive by doing less. Your Three Big Impact Tasks.

We know you’ve got more than three things to do every day. So why do we have room for only three Big Impact work tasks?

4 Steps to Achieve Work Life Balance

4 Steps to Achieve Work Life Balance BECAUSE WORK LIFE BALANCE ISN’T WORKING Is work life balance important? Definitely. Is work life balance [...]