Focus Planner Quick Start Guide

This will help you with the key elements of the Focus Planner

Building Your MIT's.

Knowing your Most Important Things are critical to achieving your goals

Work Life Balance. Three Critical Areas.

The Progress Journal helps with work life balance by focussing on three Critical Areas

Recharge. The Focus Planner.

Taking short Recharge breaks is crucial to performance. The Focus Planner helps build them in to your day

Key Behaviours. The Focus Planner.

Setting great Key Behaviours that you can track with the Progress Journal

Here's How You Get Started with the Focus Planner

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Focus Planner Sneak Peak

Focus Planner is the progress journal 2.0 - we've taken it to a new level

Upgrade Your Daily Planning

A bunch of things stop us from being at our best. The biggest thing is that our hardwiring tricks us into believing that urgent things are a [...]

10 Ways to Recharge Daily

Use your progress journal to recharge

Using the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans

Planning is Critical to success. Here's how to use the pages of your Progress Journal