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Performance Lab founder, Tony Wilson is a motivational speaker who delivers keynotes aimed at challenging the way we currently think about Leadership and Performance in the 21st Century. Tony's focus on the science of high performance provides a fascinating look at what makes us, and our people, do their best work.

Originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA, Tony Wilson combines his degrees in performance science (BSc) and contemporary management theory (MBA) to put a unique slant on high performance in and out of the office.

An inspirational speaker with a focus on the science of high performance, Tony Wilson helps team performance by working with leaders around the world to create the environment for their people to thrive, and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity. Tony is highly sought after for keynote presentations, workshops and programs. He is changing the way people work and lead.


Below are our standard keynote fees to book Tony Wilson. Final quotes will depend on degree of preparation needed for the session and conference format.

Keynote (60-90min)


These are Tony's most popular keynote presentations
Contact us if you are looking for something different, Tony is happy to tailor a keynote presentation to suit your needs.

Mindset and


In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. We need to consistently do our best thinking and perform at our best mentally.

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and Teams

To help teams do their best work, we need to create an environment of clarity and ownership, engagement and passion.

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Facing Adversity, work life balance, wellness. These things are more than just fads, they are skills we use every single day. 

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Dealing with


Change is happening. We can't hide from it. But with great leadership, and the skills to deal with it, it can help us perform.

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Mindset and Performance


We need to constantly push to  be the best versions of ourselves - if we want to thrive in this challenging environment. In this presentation motivational speaker, Tony Wilson, will show you some of the tools that high performers use to keep that winning mindset, and constantly push the boundaries of high performance - in and out of the workplace.


In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. But how do we continually operate at full intensity without burning out? 
Tony Wilson will help participants learn strategies to get into the Performance Zone more often and stay there for longer - helping them do their best thinking and perform at their full potential every hour of every day

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Leadership and Teams

21st Century Leadership:

Tony Wilson shows how to lead people to perform at their best in the 21st Century. Performance Science shows us that there are four universal human factors that drive performance, behaviour and emotional conflict. Take away four key things that undeniably boost performance in today’s workplace.

Teams That Thrive:

To help team performance, managers need to create an environment of clarity and ownership and keep people engaged and passionate about their work. Motivational speaker Tony Wilson shows us the secret to building teams that really care about themselves, others and their performance.

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Resilience and Balance

Building Resilience:

One of the keys to performance and wellness lies in our ability to bounce back from adversity. Over more than 20 years, Tony Wilson has dealt with high performers who have to keep picking themselves up when they’ve been knocked down. This inspirational talk shows us how people boost their attitudes, and how to work on the skills of optimism and happiness, resilience and grit.

Resurrecting Work Life Balance:

Work Life Performance is the new Work Life Balance and it is essential to performing at our best in and out of the office. In this presentation, you’ll find out why. And when work-life-balance is done right, you not only get improved relationships and personal achievement, but you get better at your job as a result.

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Dealing with Change

Thriving Through Change:

Change is happening faster than we like. People are finding it hard to stay focussed on the things that really count, and managers are finding it hard to keep their people performing at their best. Inspirational speaker, Tony Wilson helps staff embrace change and focus on their high performance behaviours, and he shows managers how to keep their people engaged during these periods. 

Leading in the Face of Change:

Managing people through change can be difficult. Tony shows us why constant change affects people’s behaviours and attitudes so profoundly, and shows leaders how to make the most of the situation, so that their people don’t only survive the change, but actually use it as a tool to take control and perform even better. 

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Need something else?
Here are the Key Areas that Tony covers in his Keynotes:

High Performance & Productivity

High Performance Teams

Leading for High Performance

Building Culture

Work Life Balance

Managing Ourselves & Others

Understand & Changing Behaviour

High Performance & Productivity

Tony's number one priority is to give your people the skills to help deliver results.

Whether that's bottom line, staff engagement, or high performance culture. Tony will work with your event organisers and managers to customise his message so that the audience leaves with specific things they can do to help themselves and your organisation thrive.

Here are some different takes on Tony's key areas:

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