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Performance Lab founder, Tony Wilson, delivers keynotes aimed at challenging the way we currently think about Leadership and Performance in the 21st Century. Tony's focus on the science of high performance provides a fascinating look at what makes us, and our people, do their best work.

Originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA, Tony combines his degrees in performance science (BSc) and contemporary management theory (MBA) to put a unique slant on high performance in and out of the office.

With a focus on the science of high performance, Tony works with leaders around the world to help create the environment for their people to thrive, and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity. Tony is highly sought after for keynote presentations, workshops and programs. He is changing the way people work and lead.
These are Tony's most popular keynote presentations
Contact us if you are looking for something different, Tony is happy to tailor a keynote presentation to suit your needs.



In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. We need to consistently do our best thinking and perform at our best mentally.

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Dealing with


Change is happening faster than we like. Learn how staff and managers can stay focussed on the things that really count.

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The 24/7


We have to be ‘on’ more than ever before. How do you navigate the challenges of work, when your office is all around you?

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21st Century


We expect more from our people and they expect more from their leaders. Here’s what the science tells us is most effective.

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Here are the Key Areas that Tony covers in his Keynotes:

High Performance & Productivity

High Performance Teams

Leading for High Performance

Building Culture

Work Life Balance

Managing Ourselves & Others

Understand & Changing Behaviour

High Performance & Productivity

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